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Frequently Asked Questions

All Lake Martin Storm Shelters, LLC meet or exceed FEMA 320 Standard to withstand an F5 or greater tornado. All shelters we offer are in compliance with the applicable provisions of the ICC-500 Design Standard/NSSA criteria and have been successfully tested have been successfully tested
by either Intertek Labs (steel safe rooms) or Texas Tech Wind Engineering Research Center (all others)

Normally it takes 3-4 hours for the installation of our underground shelters and a couple of hours for our safe rooms.

Our professional teams do an excellent job of keeping the work area secured with a minimum amount of disturbance. We understand that most yards we work in are the pride and joy of the property owner and we will respect their property as we do our own. The biggest compliment we get is attention to the detail of the clean-up at the installation site.

You can have receptacles built into your shelter for adding electricity. Most people opt out of doing this because the chances of losing your power during tornadic weather is high. Battery operated lights are the best option for your shelter.

Lake Martin Storm Shelters registers each shelter with a GPS location. We ask you to share your location with your local fire and rescue department. We also ask you to register your shelter with the county EMA Emergency Management Association.
If you have cell phone service at your home, you should have it for your fiberglass storm shelter.

Yes! Lake Martin Storm Shelters believe pets are important family members and should have the same protection from deadly weather as the rest of your family. As you practice for shelter entry in a panic situation, take time to teach your pets to go in and out of the shelter as well. For mixing cats and dogs or other small animals, carriers may be used.

Provide clearance to the area where the shelter will be installed, This includes: electrical (above and below), water and septic lines.

All Lake Martin Storm Shelters units exceed the FEMA requirements for ventilation. This includes the above-ground safe rooms as well as the underground shelters.

If you do not have a garage or a basement, a structural concrete slab can be poured. We provide concrete slab drawings specific to your safe room size.

Yes, some use their safe room to store valuables or other personal items.

Our above ground safe rooms come in standard and custom sizes and are all handicap accessible.

Yes, your shelter can be removed and reinstalled at your new home.

Lake Martin Storm Shelters has installed hundreds of shelters. We will help you determine the location of your shelter

Lake Martin Storm Shelters installs shelters in the entire state of Alabama including cites like Huntsville, Decatur, Birmingham,  Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Selma, Dothan, Mobile, and all the surrounding smaller towns.

Lake Martin Storm Shelters does not charge mileage as long as you’re located in the state of Alabama.

Yes, for more information please contact me.

Lake Martin Storm Shelters always carries a large inventory of shelters, so you can expect it to be less than 2 weeks.