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Everest Steel Safe Rooms

FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500 compliant
100% American steel
Made in America
100% quarter inch steel
Handicap accessible door opens inward
Folding bench is standard
Primed and Painted
Commercial deadbolt keyed lock
6-point reinforced door
Tested at Intertek Labs

The Everest line of steel safe rooms offers unmatched protection from tornadoes and severe weather in general. Our safe rooms are the perfect solution for in-home protection. Some companies will install steel safe rooms outside on stand-alone slabs, we don’t recommend this for several reasons. If you need an outside shelter, please consider either our above-ground concrete shelters or fiberglass underground shelters. If you have a good protected slab in an existing garage or shop a safe room is a great option. If you’re building a new home, the safe room can be incorporated within the floorplan as long as it’s on a slab foundation.

Everest is manufactured by Lake Martin Storm Shelters in Alexander City, Alabama using domestic steel. Designed, engineered and thoroughly tested by Intertek Labs including projectile, wind and pressure tests to be fully compliant with FEMA P-320/361 2021 and ICC-500 2020 you can rest assured you’re investing in the best protection for your family. Everest is constructed with ¼” plate and reinforced in all corners and vertically at 2’ centers with ¼” 2x2 angle steel. The top vent covers are cut from 8” structural channel and they span the entire top tying into the internal bracing to form a complete cage structure capable of withstanding an EF-5 tornado. Our anchor flange is integral to the walls: the wall panels are bent in a press brake to form the flange instead of a welded-on angle. There is no weld to fail or seam to split at the concrete foundation. You don’t want your anchoring system to be the weak point!

FEMA now states that having a safe room inside your home or garage offers the best protection because you don’t have to go out in the weather to seek safety. You will also spend the least amount of time in a safe room in your home as compared to other types of shelters.


Occupancy: 3-5


Occupancy: 4-6


Occupancy: 6-8


Occupancy: 8-10


Occupancy: 9-12

Everest Safe Room Feautres

Integral anchor flange. The bottom 4” of the continuous walls are bent inward to form our anchor flange. Creates the strongest bond possible with the slab being anchored to – there is no weld or joint to fail.
Reinforced in all welded corners and vertically every 2’ along wall panels with ¼” 2”x2” angle steel.
Top vent covers are 8” structural channel that span from front to back for extra strength and protection. Our ceiling was tested as required by the new criteria – many older designs were not tested for falling impacts.
Our 6-point reinforced door features bent edges for additional strength, 2×2 welded angle top and bottom plus at each of the three 1” hardened steel slide bolts, commercial deadbolt keyed lock and three 8” welded hinges. Our superior door design not only survived projectile testing but remained fully functional after the mandated hits and still opened easily. Many door designs have passed the testing criteria sustaining damage within acceptable limits but few were still capable of being opened by hand.
Folding bench is standard.
Handicap accessible.
Primed and painted with industrial enamel in a neutral gray color. Custom colors available for a charge.
6’4” ceiling height, 6’7” overall height, designed to pass through a standard 7’ high garage door.
Anchored to your slab using 5” x 5/8” wedge anchors rated at over 14,000 lbs of force each.
Tested by Intertek Labs to FEMA P-320/361 and ICC-500 standards including impact, wind and pressure testing.
100% ¼” A-36 steel plate and ¼” 2x2 steel angle.
6’7” overall height designed to roll through a standard 7’ garage door.
Add ½” to both length and width to get true outside dimensions.
Primed and painted with industrial enamel.
ADA compliant in-swing door features a keyed deadbolt for child safety plus three 1” hardened steel slide bolts and three 8” welded barrel hinges.

Safe Room Installation

Everest safe rooms can be installed on an existing slab in your garage or shop as long as the slab meets minimum requirements and is in good condition. We will install a safe room in a carport if that’s your only option but again the slab must meet requirements and be in good condition. Often carport slabs are not heavy enough and do not provide an adequate foundation for a safe room. We need a flat surface with minimal stress cracking. Other things to look for are attic pull-down access and GFI outlets. Placing a safe room in front of an outlet is not an issue as long as it is not a GFI outlet. If your desired location is in front of a GFI outlet you should have an electrician move it prior to your install date.

We have two basic delivery methods: our drop deck trailer for normal garage installs with a paved driveway outside the garage or our tilt deck with a Bobcat for gravel driveways, steep approaches or new construction. Average installation time is 1 to 1-1/2 hours unless we run into an unusual situation.

Once the safe room is in the desired location we use a hammer drill and 5/8”x5” wedge anchors to secure the safe room to your slab. Once we have completed the installation we will go over the door and safe room with you to be sure you’re comfortable with everything.

Safe Room Installation

If you are building a new home or incorporating a new addition to your existing home, we have many options for you to include a steel safe room in new construction plans.

If you prefer to be above ground and have the convenience of entering your safe room from the inside of your home, we can virtually put your safe room in any room you choose as long as it has a concrete slab foundation.

Lake Martin Storm Shelters coordinates with your contractor so that your safe room doesn’t delay your build. We typically set the shelter as soon as the slab is poured so that your builder can start framing immediately. We then return to anchor the safe room after the concrete has cured (which takes approximately 21 days). We do not charge extra for this second visit.

If you plan to set your safe room in your garage and not frame around it we will install the safe room once your garage is finished out. We designed the Everest line to fit through a standard 7′ tall garage door.

Sheila SlyeSheila Slye
23:41 26 Jan 24
Merri and Steve installed a storm shelter for my husband and me. We could not be happier.From the first time I called Merri with questions, the entire interaction was pleasant. She answered all my questions, once I spoke with her, there was no need to shop around any more!They arrived at the time they said they would, and I’ve never met anyone more professional than they are.I highly recommend them and their company.
23:21 22 Jan 24
Arrival was right on time, great communication from the beginning as there was concerns regarding our garage door and being able to get it in with the clearance. No problem what so ever, set and bolted and back on the road in about an hour. Safe Room looks great and we couldn’t feel safer knowing we have it. Hope we don’t need it, but it’s an assurance for sure.
18:25 30 Dec 23
Excellent place to do business. They are great about answering any questions you may have and treat you like family. I would highly recommend!!
Paul PorterPaul Porter
00:02 29 Dec 23
Excellent help and delivery/placement of the 8x10 concrete structure.
Mae CampbellMae Campbell
00:45 09 Nov 23
I could not have asked for a better than Merry. The service was awesome, and her patience was great (cuz I kept changing my mind). If I had to do it again I would chose her without I doubt. Thank you so much!!
Donna VelasquezDonna Velasquez
19:02 09 May 23
Great group! Merry is very patient and helpful with getting the site ready to put our storm shelter. Grateful to know my son’s family is safe if the weather gets bad.
Sherry HedgerSherry Hedger
11:40 19 Apr 23
We are so grateful for the experience we had with Lake Martin Storm Shelters. The fast acquisition and installation of the shelter is far above any others that we checked on. The crew that installed the shelter was extremely professional, and very customer oriented. We definitely recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a shelter.
Kelly DelkKelly Delk
23:53 13 Mar 23
From the moment of first contact to the install of our 8 x 10 above ground storm shelter, the amount of information, professionalism and customer service was 2nd to none. There are other places to buy storm shelters, but I would not do business with anyone else. Merry was more than happy to answer any questions. She was there from the first phone call to install. We were more than pleased with the quality of shelter we received. Honestly, we believe it's the best shelter on the market. We would not trust our family's life with any other company than Lake Martin Storm Shelters. There are ways you can finance your shelter as well. You can not afford to not purchase a shelter, it will save your family's life. We couldn't be more pleased. What a pleasure to deal with such great, knowledgeable, hardworking people. It's hard to find this quality of people and product these days. Thanks again! Mike and Kelly Delk