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Underground Fiberglass Shelter

No rusting or rotting
No leaking or sweating
Easy to maintain and clean
Lightweight but strong
Well ventilated
High ceilings
Molded bench seating
Made in Alabama

This shelter was specifically designed to give the feeling of spaciousness, comfort and a bright easy-to-clean space. We offer three versions (small, medium and large) of the shelter to give you the exact size you need for the amount of people you want to protect.

The manufacturer of the Refuge shelters is a family-owned company focused on quality not quantity and is based in Alabama.

They are members of the American Tornado Association, as are all of the dealers for the Refuge. The primary purpose of this association is to ensure the highest quality of manufactured and constructed storm shelters, designed to protect people from injury or loss of life from the effects of tornados, hurricanes, high winds, micro-burst or severe thunderstorms.

Large Refuge Shelter

Occupancy: 12-15
Height: 6'10"
Width: 6'10"
Length: 8'4"

Medium Refuge Shelter

Occupancy: 8
Height: 6'6"
Width: 5'
Length: 6'

Small Refuge Shelter

Occupancy: 6
Height: 6'2"
Length: 5'

Why Fiberglass vs in-ground concrete or steel?

No rusting or rotting
No leaking or sweating
Easy to maintain and clean
Lightweight but strong
Well ventilated
High ceilings
Molded bench seating
Made in Alabama

Did you know that fiberglass and carbon fiber are used to make bodies and hulls of ships due to their strength and lightweight feel?

Body ribbing

This ribbing is found on all sides of the shelter. It gives added strength to the entire frame of the shelter which will hold to pressure of moving water and dirt once it is installed.

Hydraulic doors

The Refuge doors are large and consist of a strong hydraulic system. These doors offer an ease and comfort while descending into the shelter.

Carpeted Stairs

The carpeted stairs add an additional sense of comfort by eliminating and kind of slipping or falling. Note that smaller the door is, the steeper the stairs. Carpet is a plus.

High Ceilings

This is important for any storm shelter you purchase. The higher the ceilings are, the easier it is to breathe and relax during a natural disaster. It is also much cooler in the warm temperatures. The Refuge shelter ceiling heights range from 6’2 to 6’10.

Additional Features

Additional features include clean, dry interior, easy maintenance, and overall safety during an event.

Fiberglass Shelter 320 Specifications

We strongly encourage anyone shopping for a storm shelter is aware of FEMA testing. Our shelters are tested with FEMA’s 320 guidelines. Testing includes all storm shelters, doors and components that meet these specifications. Ask for the test results!

Tested Storm Shelters Certification

Our fiberglass storm shelters are tested at the Debris Impact Test Center at Texas Tech’s wind science and engineering department. The actual test consisted of 2 x 4 “missiles” fired at a force to equal a 250-mph tornado. These strategically, laser-guided projectiles were impacted at designated targets considered to be the most vulnerable. Critical areas such as hinges, door latches, and walls are severely impacted and tested to their limit of strength.

Wind Engineer Evaluation

Next, the storm shelter is evaluated by a wind engineer to determine the structural integrity of the shelter as a whole. Questions are evaluated like, “Will it actually withstand all the violent forces that occur in an EF-5 tornado?” To determine how much stress and strain the shelter can withstand, the top-rated wind engineers in the world, Dr. James R. McDonald, PHD. and Dr. Kishor Mehta, PHD. of McDonald-Mehta Engineers, LLP., then do their intense evaluation.

McDonald & Mehta are the two wind engineer scientists hired by the National Weather Service to create the new rating scale for tornado intensity. It is formerly known as the “Fujita Scale” or “F-Scale”. Recently, it has been upgraded and has replaced the new “Enhanced Fujita Scale” or “EF-Scale”.

Texas Tech’s Wind Science Engineering

The Refuge storm shelters were tested and certified by the Debris Impact Test Center at Texas Tech University’s wind science and engineering department.


Underground Fiberglass Refuge Shelter Installation

In an extreme weather event, which includes tornados, high winds or hurricanes your shelter should be close to your home’s exit door in order to make a quick and safe entrance into your shelter. The space for the shelter should be free of any underground lines, including water, power, phone, cable, field lines, septic tank, and sprinkling systems. Did you know you can call 8-1-1 for a free line check in Alabama? Overhead trees and power lines should be avoided. Make sure you are not in a flood zone. The location for your storm shelter should be accessible for any equipment vehicles such as backhoes or excavators. We can help you with locating the perfect spot for your shelter.

Once the location for the shelter is determined and approval for digging is cleared, we can begin your storm shelter installation process. The site is excavated which means removing earth carefully and systematically from an area. Once the hole is dug, we make sure the bottom of the hole is level. Steel poles are placed in the fabricated openings, which are on the bottom of the shelter. Once the shelter is carefully placed in the excavated site, we make sure the shelter is level in all directions. We place 2- 2,500lb reinforced concrete anchors on each side of the shelter which will sit on top of the steel poles.

After the shelter is level and secure, we add the straps or cables over the top of the shelter and secure them to the rebar hooks on the anchors. The shelter is then ready for backfilling. Backfilling consists of packing dirt on all sides and sometimes using water to carry the excess dirt in the tough spots. The majority of the installation process is grooming and clean-up. We take pride in our work and the customer’s satisfaction with the finished product is our priority.

Sheila SlyeSheila Slye
23:41 26 Jan 24
Merri and Steve installed a storm shelter for my husband and me. We could not be happier.From the first time I called Merri with questions, the entire interaction was pleasant. She answered all my questions, once I spoke with her, there was no need to shop around any more!They arrived at the time they said they would, and I’ve never met anyone more professional than they are.I highly recommend them and their company.
23:21 22 Jan 24
Arrival was right on time, great communication from the beginning as there was concerns regarding our garage door and being able to get it in with the clearance. No problem what so ever, set and bolted and back on the road in about an hour. Safe Room looks great and we couldn’t feel safer knowing we have it. Hope we don’t need it, but it’s an assurance for sure.
18:25 30 Dec 23
Excellent place to do business. They are great about answering any questions you may have and treat you like family. I would highly recommend!!
Paul PorterPaul Porter
00:02 29 Dec 23
Excellent help and delivery/placement of the 8x10 concrete structure.
Mae CampbellMae Campbell
00:45 09 Nov 23
I could not have asked for a better than Merry. The service was awesome, and her patience was great (cuz I kept changing my mind). If I had to do it again I would chose her without I doubt. Thank you so much!!
Donna VelasquezDonna Velasquez
19:02 09 May 23
Great group! Merry is very patient and helpful with getting the site ready to put our storm shelter. Grateful to know my son’s family is safe if the weather gets bad.
Sherry HedgerSherry Hedger
11:40 19 Apr 23
We are so grateful for the experience we had with Lake Martin Storm Shelters. The fast acquisition and installation of the shelter is far above any others that we checked on. The crew that installed the shelter was extremely professional, and very customer oriented. We definitely recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a shelter.
Kelly DelkKelly Delk
23:53 13 Mar 23
From the moment of first contact to the install of our 8 x 10 above ground storm shelter, the amount of information, professionalism and customer service was 2nd to none. There are other places to buy storm shelters, but I would not do business with anyone else. Merry was more than happy to answer any questions. She was there from the first phone call to install. We were more than pleased with the quality of shelter we received. Honestly, we believe it's the best shelter on the market. We would not trust our family's life with any other company than Lake Martin Storm Shelters. There are ways you can finance your shelter as well. You can not afford to not purchase a shelter, it will save your family's life. We couldn't be more pleased. What a pleasure to deal with such great, knowledgeable, hardworking people. It's hard to find this quality of people and product these days. Thanks again! Mike and Kelly Delk