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Peace of Mind
Designed for durability, accessibility, and safety, against fierce storms.

Premier Concrete Walk-In Storm Shelters

At Lake Martin Storm Shelters, we specialize in providing top-quality concrete above ground storm shelters designed to offer unmatched safety and peace of mind. Our shelters are engineered for durability, accessibility, and comfort, catering to families, individuals with mobility issues, and anyone requiring a safe space during severe weather conditions.

Built for Safety & Comfort One-Piece Construction Handicap Accessibility

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Easy Installation, Exceeds Safety Standards.

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Discover Unmatched Safety with Lake Martin's Concrete Storm Shelters

At Lake Martin Storm Shelters, we provide peace of mind with our state-of-the-art above ground concrete storm shelters. Designed for durability, accessibility, and safety, our shelters are your refuge against nature's fiercest storms.

Certified Safety

Our shelters meet or exceed FEMA 320 and ICC500 requirements, certified by the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA), and tested at Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute to withstand EF-5 tornadoes.


Features a handicap-accessible double steel door that opens inward, ensuring easy entry and exit for everyone, including those with mobility issues. We prioritize accessibility, making our shelters suitable for everyone, including those with special needs.

Built to Last

With reinforced walls, steel-plated covered air vents, and an optional electrical outlet, these shelters are designed for both safety and convenience. No need for a concrete slab foundation.

Tailored to Your Needs

Design better and spend less time without restricting creative freedom. Combine layouts, customize everything.

Painted Concrete Storm Shelters
"Maximize safety and style with Painted Concrete Storm Shelters. Weather-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, they're perfect for enhancing home security and appeal.
Unpainted Concrete Storm Shelters
Embrace durability with Unpainted Concrete Storm Shelters. Offering robust protection and customization, these are ideal for cost-effective, reliable safety.

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